Our approach

Shri Shiv Industries takes special attention in safeguarding environment. To achieve this goal, we have installed several pollution control equipments at various levels of our production process such as water tank with wet scrubber and cyclone for ash reduction including a dust control unit; have been installed for meeting the stringent environmental control


Owing to the tremendous technical innovation in aluminum alloy processing and casting industry, aluminum alloy has become one of the most versatile materials on earth. It is widely used in a variety of aspects and has become indispensable to all kinds of industry. We continue our processes to further enhance production capacity to meet the growing demand of the market.

Aluminum Alloy Ingots

Our Aluminum Alloy Ingots act as a raw material which is used in automobiles, electrical & pressure die casting industries etc. There exist various alloys like LM6, ADC-12, AC4B and many more as per customer requirements. Furthermore, our Aluminum Ingots are available at very nominal cost.

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Our service includes raw material segregation, melting, refining, casting and packing.

Raw Material

We accept all kind of Aluminum scrap and aluminum alloy based raw materials. Our abundant raw materials are Aluminium Scrap Tense, Taint Tabor, Utensils, Tread / Profile, Taldon, Talk, Telic, Tassel, Terse, Testy, Throb and etc. as per ISRI specifications.


We adopt the latest processing and casting technology of the aluminum alloy industry. As a professional melting plant, our procurement personnel are very knowledgeable and well-trained in selecting raw material. All incoming raw material are segregated and inventory is essential in order for our melting personnel to calculate the most efficient input material formula for alloy ingot production.

Quality Control

The company has its own in house testing lab equipped with Optical Emission Spectrometer for Analysis of the Samples/Ingots to monitor the raw material, quality, the composition of the molten metal in the furnace and quality of the final alloy ingots along with Sample preparation machine. The operation parameters are closely monitored to ensure best quality products to fulfill customers’ requirements as per their specification to ensure that the customer gets the best for value paid. The final testing is carried out prior to dispatch.

Quality Policy / Objectives

We are committed to provide the consistent Quality products to our customers as per their
Quality Standards / Specifications and Schedules.

a. Meeting Customers Quality Standards
b. On Time Deliveries as per Customers time frame
c. Efforts towards improvement of Quality & Productivity
d. Safe Working Environment

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